Calendar Levels 3

As you guys know my calendar is available for pre-order now! 2015 Susan Coffey Calendar Pre-order now You can now check out all of the 8×10′s in the gallery as well as the cover and month of March. We will be releasing more as time goes on! The calendar has just gone out for print […]



2015 Calendar 7

Hey guys! As you have probably already seen, my 2015 calendar has pre-launched!! I am very excited to be promoting this project now and can’t wait to release some of the photos for you guys to see Although I have been in 2 calendars before this is the first one that is exclusively Susan Coffey, […]

October 4

NYCC 2014 album is up in the gallery now! Also just posted my new YouTube video ! I am hoping to have announcements on my next big project in the next week or so so stay tuned :0 #funfact For Halloween I am going to be Katya from Archer. I have to start working on […]




Hey guys, I just finished up a long weekend at NYCC. It was a great time but it always kicks my ass :p Now I am trying to catch up from the weekend. I have a whole new set up with Jiyang Chen in the gallery! These were shot yesterday while I was in the […]

Gallery Updates 5

So there was a horrifying turn of events with the gallery.. BUT IT’S BACK after much re-doing. Yet another new amazing album shot with Sito has now surfaced plus our limited 6×8 prints that are on sale now. The new album with Cesar Juarez is now up as well. This was shot in Princeton not far […]



B-Sides 7

NEW B-SIDES ALBUM UP!!! Check out the album here! PHOTO : Sito Alvina Photography & VFX MM : FB : DA : WEB : TWITTER :!/sideshowsito Also just shot on Monday so I will be posting about that soon too Fun fact? When it comes to pickles.. I am a […]