Editorial 16

HII So the shots from my latest shoot with Frank Gelormini are now up in the gallery. I didn’t upload them all yet but most of them are up (I have to save a few for later:p). So these are all ‘real life’ shots. You guys get to see my apartment and some of my […]



New work soon! 9

Hello again! Most of the shots from my most recent shoot with Cesar are now up in the gallery From both the film and digital set As for upcoming work I just had a shoot on Saturday with Frank Gelormini who I shot with once before about a year ago. We did a ‘day in […]

Quick Update 2

Hello This will be a quick/short post: I added the first bunch from my shoot this past weekend with Cesar Juarez. These are all shot in black and white film. I think they came out quite nice and am excited to see the digital shots as well! This one is my favorite: You can check […]



NY 3

Hello again! So I added a bunch more to the new Jiyang sub folder in the gallery Jiyang Subfolder 7 I am taking back my tentative plan for twitch the]is weekend. It was in fact over ambitious. Mostly I just don’t have time to get enough posts out about it since I have so many […]

Jiyang Sub Folder 7 1

Woo hoo new stuff already I added a new sub folder to Jiyang’s folder in the gallery. For the time being I only added some of the shots since there are a bunch from this shoot that I will leak slowly. I really like that a lot of these shots are ‘action’ shots. It’s different […]



Editorial 4

Ok I have uploaded all the looks from my latest editorial shoot As you guys may know I LOVE shooting editorial so this was a nice way to get back into the swing of shooting again. Jeffrey Kim I have a fun plan in mind for the near future for those of you who play […]