New work soon!

Hello again! Most of the shots from my most recent shoot with Cesar are now up in the gallery From both the film and digital set As for upcoming work I just had a shoot on Saturday with Frank Gelormini who I shot with once before about a year ago. We did a ‘day in […]



Quick Update 2

Hello This will be a quick/short post: I added the first bunch from my shoot this past weekend with Cesar Juarez. These are all shot in black and white film. I think they came out quite nice and am excited to see the digital shots as well! This one is my favorite: You can check […]

NY 3

Hello again! So I added a bunch more to the new Jiyang sub folder in the gallery Jiyang Subfolder 7 I am taking back my tentative plan for twitch the]is weekend. It was in fact over ambitious. Mostly I just don’t have time to get enough posts out about it since I have so many […]



Jiyang Sub Folder 7 1

Woo hoo new stuff already I added a new sub folder to Jiyang’s folder in the gallery. For the time being I only added some of the shots since there are a bunch from this shoot that I will leak slowly. I really like that a lot of these shots are ‘action’ shots. It’s different […]

Editorial 4

Ok I have uploaded all the looks from my latest editorial shoot As you guys may know I LOVE shooting editorial so this was a nice way to get back into the swing of shooting again. Jeffrey Kim I have a fun plan in mind for the near future for those of you who play […]



Aaaaaand… 8

OK guys I am not dead. I know that was an excessive break and I apologize for my inactivity. Truthfully I haven’t had anything new to release and that is why I have been MIA. I FINALLY have a few things to put up for you guys and I am very happy to have more […]