Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Halloween Blair Witch Chainsaw Massacre Nightmare on Prospect Hill 5

My thoughts on The Nightmare on Prospect Hill: The Derelict Hospital and the Dilapidated Prison I thought were pretty cool. They were charmingly decayed and spooky in a detached way. Prospect Hill? More on the disgusting side. And terrifying in an un-fun way. Most likely a former crackhouse, a cock-fighter […]

Live Streaming Photoshoots with Susan Coffey and Sito Alvina 7

It’s true. Everyone’s favorite Susan Coffey photographer is teaming up again with the apple of our collective eye. She’s arriving in Sito’s stomping ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday and they’ll be spending a week together spinning all manner of artistic, photographic sublimity. A few days ago, Sito set up […]