Monthly Archives: February 2013

Creatively Adjectivey 1

Susan continues to achieve Great Heights. har har. I amuse me. Anyway, new shoot from Great Heights Photography showcasing lingerie from Brie Anne O’Donnell. I am in love with this shoot. I want to marry it. The atmosphere is soooo… atmospheric. And vintagey and roaring fire-rey. I love the soft […]

…and the kitchen sink.

Lots of stuff today. Sometimes when things drop all at once, I don’t know what photos to post or what to do. It’s a wonderful thing. First, a new photo from Sito above. This is from a shoot last year and we haven’t seen any others of these, because they’re […]

For Sale: Autographed Calendars + Coupon Code 1

It’s official: The 2013 CCG Models Scarlet NJ Calendar is ON SALE! Apart from it being a calendar, which makes it extremely practical and useful and helps you stay organized and remember your mom’s birthday, it features FOUR (4) photos of our Goddess of Hotness. In case you’re asking yourself, […]