Narratively 5

There’s a new, and quite lengthy, article up about Susan at an experimental news website named Narratively. Click this to check it out.

Journalist Roland Li interviews Susan and explores her life and career in a few different contexts, such as professional (and personal) exposure through viral online media and the current climate of New York high fashion. In the article I think I sound like an ass. But that’s OK! Because it isn’t about me, it’s about Susan! I admire her honesty and courage by participating in this article. We get a lot of insight into her life and career. Like that she’s about to graduate! And present her amazing self to modeling agencies! And that she’s a female elemental shaman! Chain lightnin’, baby!

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5 thoughts on “Narratively

  • D-Money

    wonderful article. I can totally understand her love/hate affair with popularity. As much as I constantly want to see anything new that she does, I understand she is picky and has a real life outside of modeling. She may not know what she wants to do with herself but I give her a ton of credit for at least making progress as she figures it out. I definitely feel like one of those fans that doesn’t know her in the slightest personally but somehow cares about her. I only come to THIS website. I don’t search anywhere else for anything related to her. After reading the article I feel bad about her “el natural” pictures that eventually were discovered. Part of my love affair stemmed from the fact that she is classy/shy and is always somewhat partially clothed. It’s nice to use your imagination especially when the lady in question is stunning and already gives you a lot to work with. For me it just takes away from the mystique which is a wonderful part of my illogical love affair with Ms. Susan Coffey. The fact that she is normal and wants privacy/a normal life makes her even more alluring. I am pretty sure I’ve rambled a little too long on here. Thank you Brad for your dedication and for constantly updating when there is something new to share. It’s nice to see an obsession play out in a healthy warm way. LOL ………….In the rare chance that Miss Coffey were to read this I just hope she doesn’t let that industry eat her up and spit her out. There are far worse things then having a nice quiet mundane life Susan. Follow your dreams but quit while your ahead and if all else fails you still have gaming which solves almost everything 😉

  • dualfayte

    Brilliant bit! A very informative and in-depth look at the life of Ms. Coffey, I couldn’t respect the lady more. What I also found interesting was the snippet regarding the website. Beforehand, I’d known the website was fan-run with no direct ties to Susan herself, but receiving that small glimpse about its origin was pretty great. Just want to say, thank you Brad!

  • Saitaina

    Brad, ya don’t sound like an ass, you sound like most of us fans who have hobbies like this.

    As for the article, it’s an interesting look at the woman behind the pictures we so admire. I just hope that if the agency route doesn’t work out, she’ll keep doing some independent stuff…because I am selfish and enjoy pictures of her, but I do wish her all the luck in the world, it’s a hard business (I had to bail years ago).