Susan’s First Post 57

Hi guys!
Just so you guys know, I have been keeping tabs on the site the last couple of years. I greatly appreciate the dedication and support I have received from my most devoted fans 🙂

And of course a BIG thank you goes out to the former webmaster for doing such fantastic job on the site and for all the time he put into it. I am not sure I can match his unique, entertaining tone but I will do my best.

So as you guys can probably guess I am a blog/code newb, aside from some lingering myspace html still in my brain. But, hey this isn’t so bad? If you see anything that’s looks really wrong be sure to let me know :p

Announcements from Susan
Capezio: You have probably already seen on my other sites but 2 photos from Matt Wagemann went live on Capezio’s website and Facebook. I am super psyched about this and hope to work with them again in the future.

Shoot Today: I shot today with a NJ intimates company and we should be seeing the results of that in about 3 weeks!

Upcoming Projects: There is some super exciting stuff in the works with CCG Models. That’s all I can say for now.

Travel Notice: I am traveling and probably will be unable to post again until after August 10th.

That’s all for now, please let me know any suggestions that you have for the site now that I a here,

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