Susan’s First Post 57

Hi guys!
Just so you guys know, I have been keeping tabs on the site the last couple of years. I greatly appreciate the dedication and support I have received from my most devoted fans :)

And of course a BIG thank you goes out to the former webmaster for doing such fantastic job on the site and for all the time he put into it. I am not sure I can match his unique, entertaining tone but I will do my best.

So as you guys can probably guess I am a blog/code newb, aside from some lingering myspace html still in my brain. But, hey this isn’t so bad? If you see anything that’s looks really wrong be sure to let me know :p

Announcements from Susan
Capezio: You have probably already seen on my other sites but 2 photos from Matt Wagemann went live on Capezio’s website and Facebook. I am super psyched about this and hope to work with them again in the future.

Shoot Today: I shot today with a NJ intimates company and we should be seeing the results of that in about 3 weeks!

Upcoming Projects: There is some super exciting stuff in the works with CCG Models. That’s all I can say for now.

Travel Notice: I am traveling and probably will be unable to post again until after August 10th.

That’s all for now, please let me know any suggestions that you have for the site now that I a here,

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57 thoughts on “Susan’s First Post

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    Just keep making regular posts here. We all love you and want to see more.
    Hats off to Brad for making this amazing website.

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    soy fan tuyo desde que entre a la Internet mándame un saludo y me haces muy feliz, eres realmente hermosa.

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    Susan! you are the most beautiful woman in the world!!…that eyes…that hair…that face and body…i’m so in love (L) …
    i wish you good luck with your projects and your work!…
    from Buenos Aires, Argentina…Leandro.

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    Susan, i liked you from the first time i saw a picture of you. Then i heard that you played wow and now i like you even more. keep up the good looking and good luck. ♥

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    That’s great, Susan!
    To hear what you’re saying is entertaining enough for us :)
    can’t wait to see your next post & the photoshoot result!

    Happy Holiday! :D

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    Welcome Susan,im happy that you’re on charge, (not that i didnt like brad’s job) but i think you would do an excellent job.
    I love you girl. Adios

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    Welcome Susan,im happy that you’re on charge, (not that i didnt like brad’s job) but i think you’ll do an excellent job.
    I love you girl. Adios

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    Woohoo! This is awesome news. I’m sure you’ll be fine as the new webmaster. Hope your travels go well!

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    Hi Susan, I’ve fan of you for a while, I’m really happy to know that now you are handling you blog. Keep in touch!

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    Hello, I love your photos, just wanted to say that I would like to see more smile, because in my opinion are the best photos, her smile would impact me greetings from Mexico …

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    Hi! It’s really awesome to enter this somehow “bizarre” world of the blogosphere. If someday you need a hand with coding and/or design for your website I can give you a hand, I do it every day, Just send me a tweet, my user is Jmlevick.


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    All your photos always great, but this one has something else that the others don’t have. Sometimes a simple,fresh and spontaneous picture shows great things.
    Have a good one


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    Hi Susan,

    Big fan! It’s nice to hear that you’re getting into coding!
    Good luck with that… blog look good so far.
    My only recommendation based on my personal taste are the big shadows on sidebars.
    It’s too eye-catchy, unless you are aiming for that, in that case good job! :)
    I would like to see them with lower blur and spread values or with another tone of black, something like #eee or #ccc.
    But again, that’s my opinion.!

    Good luck with everything…
    I’ll keeping an eye on you, as always (stalker mode :P).
    See ya!

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    I’m eager to see the upcoming projects, they sound interesting.

    And take it from someone who breaks a website every time she updates, it’s all a learning process. I’ve been coding for over a decade and still manage to crash everything at least once an update (stupid characters who don’t go where they’re supposed to…).

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    Such an amazingly great first post. And look: over 1000 Facebook likes and tons of comments. This is just a hint of what’s to come now that you’re leading the charge on this site. You’re such a fantastic model and woman and I’m with everyone else in my excitement to keep up with what you’re doing. ;-)

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    It would be nice and the best farewell to Brad that Susan did a test with questions to Brad (an interview would be better). A day in which Brad is the protagonist, Susan is the best person to ask Brad every effort to update this page.

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    Good news, no doubt.
    I do not usually comment much here. I think the only time was in a post where you wore a costume of sexy cat in December 2011.
    Just want to thank you for brighten up a little more, not only my eyes, even my existence every day. This blog may well be an oasis in the desert.

    Do not know if you will read this, but if you admit a small opinion or suggestion. I have to confess that I have not seen all your photos, but there’s something I really miss. Your beautiful smile, showing off your perfect teeth. Seeing your last image not understand how your sweet and lovely gesture that does not appear more often. Of course, on second thought, that might make your fans, including me, are going to spend hours looking at a single photo (as the first time I saw the third picture in the “C3″, among others).

    Greetings from Spain. Sorry for my low level of English

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    Jonatan Caballero

    First, nice smile in the photo. Second, no need to force yourself to be long posts, anything that you do, we like it.
    I still remember when you answered me in the interview with Poisonne, I loved that moment.
    By the way, very good job Brad for taking care this page.
    Greetings from Argentina.

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    I’m from mexico, I love you, you’re beautiful, your eyes are the most beautiful in the world, I like to draw and I have some portraits of you, when I send one I like that you will publish it, I love you!

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    Susan te deseo lo mejor!!! conocí de ti por un compañero de clase que me enseño una foto tuya del álbum “buko medios” que me quede ¿de verdad? como puede ser? sin duda para mi eres la chica mas guapa que visto… realmente no te visto en persona pero es que si te veo muero de ataque al corazón…
    tienes un pelo, unos ojos, unos labios, tu cara me encanta, tu nariz… de todas las famosas, modelos y chicas q he visto, ninguna se te puede comparar… eres el amor q nunca tendré! yo pagaria por hacerme alguna foto contigo!!! ¡¡¡estoy enamorado visualmente de ti!!!
    Saludos desde España!!!

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    Paul B

    Wow, this is wonderful news. Susan herself running the blog. May your fortune increase as the world discovers your beauty.

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    A very warm welcome to you Susan! Excited to see your work with your modelling and web-mastery!

    Support from BC, Canada! – Jerrid L.

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    Thats exciting,hope you can entertain us as well.
    But why do you never talk to your fans?

    Keep up the good work,you are wonderful :)