Editorial 4

Ok I have uploaded all the looks from my latest editorial shoot 😀 As you guys may know I LOVE shooting editorial so this was a nice way to get back into the swing of shooting again.
Jeffrey Kim

I have a fun plan in mind for the near future for those of you who play WOW or have any interest in checking out my character. I am setting up a twitch account basically to show anyone who cares what I am up to day to day in WOW and show off my character a bit. I am a hound for achievements but not a raider or anything like that so it won’t be serious game play just talking about what I am up to. I will be making announcements about that when I have everything set up.

I shot with Jiyang today in the city so I will have more new shots soon 🙂

I have an oddities cabinet in my apartment that I am very proud of. It has weird things in it that I think are interesting and that make me happy like skulls and minerals.

Thank you guys for following!

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4 thoughts on “Editorial

  • Ara

    wow you willl start streaming on twitch too? thats amazing, so many people i follow and admire like models artist and etc, start streaming too, broadcasting is like the next big thing, i totally support that, good luck 😀

  • Esteban

    I think the twitch idea is great. Im mod in a couple of channels and spend alot of time in it.

    I hope all work fine, and u have to make me mod 😀

    Love the cape photos.

    Take Care.

  • Diego Omar

    Thank you dear Susan, you meet fantastic simply fantastic <3 I Will Be to the earring with it of WoW and clear I have seen a few photos of your office of curiosities and one sees brilliant have a good day 😉