Jiyang Sub Folder 7 1

Woo hoo new stuff already 🙂 I added a new sub folder to Jiyang’s folder in the gallery. For the time being I only added some of the shots since there are a bunch from this shoot that I will leak slowly. I really like that a lot of these shots are ‘action’ shots. It’s different from what I usually shoot.
Jiyanng Sub Folder 7

As for upcoming shoots I have one planned for next weekend with Cesaer Juarez!!

Ok for Twitch *tentatively* my first broadcast will be Sunday 4/05 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. I will announce my username when I confirm this! I am excited to show you guys my WoW character next weekend 😀

I have some extra autographed 8×10’s from my Pin-Up Poster and 2015 Calendar reward packages! HERE
If you want any, act fast as there are only a few left and some have sold out already!

In January I moved into a new apartment. It’s a renovated old factory building and I absolutely love it. I feel very inspired by the space. I just wish I got to spend more time in it :p

That is all for now. Thank you for following!

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One thought on “Jiyang Sub Folder 7

  • Diego Omar

    Incredible simple mind I was charmed with all, I admire you very much very much. Beautiful <3 you are very very brilliant:3 well better I move back for that if not, only I will be still washing XD since we meet this Sunday my dear Susan