NY 3

Hello again!

So I added a bunch more to the new Jiyang sub folder in the gallery 🙂
Jiyang Subfolder 7

I am taking back my tentative plan for twitch the]is weekend. It was in fact over ambitious. Mostly I just don’t have time to get enough posts out about it since I have so many other posts to get out right now (which is awesome :p).
Speaking of which I added this into the last blog post but it was not included originally: 8x10s for sale
There are still a bunch left, these are leftovers from the calendar and poster campaigns. Thank you to everyone who ordered already 😀

Also I am looking forward to shooting in the city again this weekend! The weather is looking iffy though so fingers crossed:p

Fun fact: I am actually in the city on Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt! I do an egg hunt with my family as well on Sunday because adults should get to enjoy life too :p

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3 thoughts on “NY

  • AJ

    Loving the “action” shots. In the others, the mix between the black outfits, your hair and those backgrounds are very striking. If I had to pick a favourite, it might be one of the “star” shots or one with that lovely dress in 😉

    It’s a shame about twitch as I know very little about WoW, but then again, I am a completionist, so it may not be a good thing me discovering yet another massive game I could interested in. I’m not sure I’d spend my time wisely haha.

    Also, good luck with the next shoot! 🙂

    • AJ

      I just realized the shot directly facing the wall is probably intended to look like you are graffiti/street art stenciled on the wall. It’s a clever idea 😀