New work soon! 9

Hello again!
Most of the shots from my most recent shoot with Cesar are now up in the gallery 🙂 From both the film and digital set

As for upcoming work I just had a shoot on Saturday with Frank Gelormini who I shot with once before about a year ago. We did a ‘day in the life’ type of shoot in my apartment! I am excited to show you guys since these shots are very ‘real’ and you’ll get to see my style a bit. Those shots should be coming up soon and released incrementally. I also have a pin up shoot this weekend in Wildwood. I haven’t shot any pin up since my calendar shoots over last spring/summer so I am very excited!

That’s all for now I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop 🙂

Fun Fact:
I am considering changing my hair color to not be red for the summer. I know you guys love the red but I am actually a hair dye junkie and am itching to do something different. So don’t be surprised if you see a new hair color in an upcoming shoot 😮 But for my die-hard, redhead lovers, don’t worry, it always ends up going back to red :p

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9 thoughts on “New work soon!

  • Matt

    I have been a long time admirer of your work. You are the most beautiful woman I have every gazed my eyes upon. Your recent work has been particularly better as they come directly from you. I would love it if you add more pictures in old galleries as well if you have them.

    Also I love the fun facts you’ve been posting. It makes these posts sound more personal. I can’t wait for more work from you.

  • AJ

    The film adds a nice touch, great set though!

    Indeed, red is my long-term favourite hair colour but I’m keen to see anything else. Maybe dark purple, or light blue like in a couple pictures from a while ago?

  • Carly Zeppin

    If you don’t mind me asking, what brand and size of shoes were you wearing in the photoshoot? How much did you get them for? Love the flower dress too!

  • sup

    I wish you had said “But for my ‘dye-hard,’ redhead lovers…” I know it’s a lame pun but it’s a pun nonetheless.

  • Brian Burke

    Hi Susan! I had saved a few photos of you for a lovely screen saver without knowing your name. I just happened across them and was quite taken. Then just this evening I stumbled across a photo I “thought” was you and sure enough there was a name—so being a sly detective type (nosy?) I found your site and have enjoyed learning a bit about you. And of course I am enjoying your pictures. So now I can say something other than “Oh Baby!” when I come across you! :p Nice to meet you and Cheers! I look forward to following your career as it develops. Uh huh! Brian Burke Athens, Georgia