Editorial 16

So the shots from my latest shoot with Frank Gelormini are now up in the gallery. I didn’t upload them all yet but most of them are up (I have to save a few for later:p). So these are all ‘real life’ shots. You guys get to see my apartment and some of my critters too :p These photos are HUGE so they may take time to load in the gallery. I am happy to get a little more personal (finally) with some shots. I hope you guys like them!!
Check it out!

I also had a shoot this past weekend in Wildwood! I already have some shots trickling in but probably won’t post them for a bit. Just to torture everyone.. :p

I am in a serious music rut right now so maybe you guys can help? My favorite bands are Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, but I am not sure what exact genre that should be because I can’t seem to find any bands like them. I tried looking in iTunes and Pandora but not much fits the bill. I am also getting into electronic a bit but I don’t know where to start ah. Advice is welcome!!

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16 thoughts on “Editorial

  • Diego Omar

    I leave myself without breath your new album you meet magnificent in each of your photos. Wow, wow, wow are fantastic. As for your question I think that these bands are alternative, for that they handle many kinds only I know The Front Bottoms, they have influence punk, so you would have to search in alternative and punk wait you be of usefulness

  • Ultra Window

    I like this latest album, it feels very homely.

    I’m not a fan of the whole “genre” thing, once you have listened to so many bands in the same “genre” you start hearing how different they are and how they wont fit into a simple genre anymore.
    So I’m gonna name some bands that you might like, most of them are instrumental: You slut!, ÖfÖ am, Elder (Dead roots stirring and lore albums), And So I watch you from afar.
    Guitar heavy stuff, some are even Heavy guitars.

  • Ara

    hmmmmm I think those bands are something like american emo/american indie or maybe indie rock

    electronic music is a HUGE genre , there are all types of music there, you will definitely find something you like, i can suggest you something like Chillstep, Liquid-Dubstep, Melodic-Dubstep, indie-chill, indie-dance, Nu disco and maybe French house

    A tip for finding a genre that you may like on electronic music is to mix the names, if you like dubstep and female lyrics, type on youtube female dubstep, or if you like trance but you like chill music ,type chill trance

  • AJ

    Yeah a more personal shoot is amazing, it adds to the set it being entirely about you :D. You have some adorable pets too, and I think I spot a Polaroid camera 😛

    In the last week I’ve spent a while listening to those two bands. The front bottoms in particular I quite like. They sound like they’d be classed as indie/pop/folk punk but all the sub genres can be confusing. They’ve got an interesting vocal style and overall sound, which is probably why you can’t find much similar. I’ve only heard a few acoustic songs by real friends, and various one-off songs by other bands that sound slightly similar, but they’re either not as appealing to me and an artist or it’s the only song they’ve done like that.

    The only suggestion I have for electronic is to start off with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

  • parker

    Looks like I’m a little late to the conversation, but from what I’ve heard from those bands I’d call em indie/ pop punk. You search that term in youtube, you’ll see a few videos from alexrainbirdMusic’s channel. They have a few good compilations off a bunch of different bands with a similar sound