August 11

So that wasn’t too long of a wait at all :p I have 2 new shoots from 2 new photographers starting to leak in. For now I am only releasing the first one but I will blog again soon (if you are super determined you might find that I already put some up in the […]



Hiatus 10

As you may have noticed I have taken somewhat of a hiatus. I am still not back from it but I wanted to throw in an update to those of you who care to check in :p I am in the works of a big project right now which is both good and bad. The […]

Catching up 10

I have been a total loser and not updating lately. I am feeling some webmaster guilt about it. Mostly I am just moping because I haven’t shot anything new lately I am still waiting on a few sets to release but I don’t have anything for you guys just yet. When I do I will […]



Polaroid Stuff 7

New Polaroids from this set and others up in the store now: Susan Coffey Store Shot by: Jiyang Chen Check out all shots by Jiyang up in the gallery now! Fun fact: I am currently obsessed with exotic short haired persian cats, I might just need one to live with me in my new apartment […]

Photo Updates 9

New set up with Memory Shooters! This shoot took place in an abandoned firehouse in NJ. Urban exploration is always a plus on a shoot Also 2 behind the scenes are up from the second poster shoot. Anyone who supported the project should have gotten their full BTS set! I will be signing the posters […]



Serena Star 4

3 shots from the new Serena Star shoot are now up I love doing shoots like this because they are the most fun. I get to get all dolled up and work with a bunch of awesome people ! Plus another portrait up in Frank Gelormini’s Album. I will be shooting tomorrow as well with […]