Video Teaser 7

Here is a teaser for the upcoming video if you guys haven’t seen it yet: The teaser will be followed by a ‘trailer’ and then the video itself As well as more behind the scenes and pictures from the shoot! Holiday Polaroids are now on sale for the rest of the year. The next Polaroid […]



Happy Holidays 8

I FINALLY recorded another Q&A, sorry for taking so long! Don’t mind my frumpiness or the fact that this video will probably not imbed properly. One day I will be better at this.. Holiday polaroids are still on sale! Check it out if you haven’t yet, the season is now and all :p and Happy […]

Teaser 9

Hello again! I added more shots to the Jiyang Chen Album from out latest shoot I had my first fashion video shoot today! I am very excited to start releasing content so you guys can see. It may take a week or two! I will also be posting another Q&A this week on my youtube […]



Holiday Season 2

Hi Guys, Holiday Polaroids are back in stock! Store Shot by Jiyang Chen My dog, Luna, also got in on the photo shoot I also did a follow up shoot with Jiyang Chen. I uploaded a bunch of the new shots into the gallery. You can check it out by clicking the photo. AND there […]

Trending 3

Hey guys! I have a new set up with Cesar Juarez ( from yesterday at Central Park. I have the whole set up in the gallery for only Click the picture to see the album! I have a few more to scan and put up later this week as well! Speaking of polaroids.. I […]



Polaroid Madness 2

Susan Coffey Store is live now! Order polaroids for 10% off with the early bird special. Polaroids will ship after 11/23/13 and the discount will be over!! Susan Coffey Store I also posted 2 new shots from Cesar Juarez I also took a few shots of the polaroids being sent out for the poster […]