Serena Star 4

3 shots from the new Serena Star shoot are now up I love doing shoots like this because they are the most fun. I get to get all dolled up and work with a bunch of awesome people ! Plus another portrait up in Frank Gelormini’s Album. I will be shooting tomorrow as well with […]



Gallery Overhaul 4

My mission this week was to get all of those ‘more shots coming soon’ that I have been promising up in the gallery! Plus a new shoot from this past weekend. So here it is: Seattle Weapon Outfitters Combat Flip Flops Guadalajara Cesar Juarez Frank Gelormini (new!) Binghamston Flair Photography (There is another photographer from […]

Spring 8

Another successful trip has passed. Guadalajara was awesome and all of the people I met were amazing! I am really hoping to get involved in more cons like this. I got to meet so many fans which I have never experienced before! Con Comics Album I also got to shoot with Cesar Juarez again yesterday. […]


Susan IMG_0417

Gallery Fixed! 5

It is a relief to me and also a relief to you if you have recently attempted to view the gallery, that it is now fixed I added what I have so far to the Flair Photography album. I also had a video surface from the shoot I did last year in Binghamton. Heading to […]

Binghamton 7

Hey Guys! I took my second trip over the weekend to Binghamton to do a few shoots. I already got a few photos back to me (with a bunch more on the way). Check it out: Also don’t forget about my poster campaign, which is now embedded on the right. Thank you to the 48 […]



New News 11

First of all, no idea what’s going on with the gallery. Probably going to fix it.. someitme.. Thanks for putting up with my terrible webmaster skills. This past weekend I had an AWESOME trip to Seattle Washington to meet up with Weapon Outfitters and Combat Flip Flops. I will be posting lots more from this […]