Poster Round Two 10

New (old) shot Accepted by Shot by JMP Photo who I am in the process of setting up another shoot with now! VOTE now for the next poster!!!



Throwback 8

Thank you guys for the birthday love! The vote for my next poster should be released this week. It’s pin up style and I LOVE how the photos came out. I hope you guys do to In the mean time here is a shot from my first shoot EVER. It’s 2004 and I am 14 […]

New Stuff 9

The newest Q&A is up now: Also added a bunch of new photos to the Jiyang Chen Album too: Gallery That’s all for now, I will be doing another video in the next week or so and give you guys a tour of my room Thanks everyone!



Overdue Updates! 4

So I am feeling pretty guilty about not updating lately :O I had another shoot today with Jiyang Chen! And that means NEW POLAROIDS for sale Susan Coffey Store Also don’t forget about my video that is still for sale! And for those of you following my youtube channel, I will be doing another Q&A […]

2014 8

The second poster shoot has commenced! It is going to be pin-up themed and was already shot this past weekend. Check out CCG model’s instagram for a sneak peak at one of the looks Teaser I will officially be attending a con in Guadalajara, Mexico! I am honored to have been invited as a guest […]



Video Release 8

You guys are probably sick of hearing about this video by now. But this is it! Here is the ‘trailer’ and the full video is for purchase here