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An Introduction, of Sorts 2

Unless somehow you missed the last post but have found yourself reading this one, you should know who I am. I’m penifest09, and I’m going to try to be posting here as often or as seldom as I see fit. You probably don’t know me at all, and if you do you don’t know much, […]

Fan Art 5

Hi guys. Even though that photo I posted last time is super duper old (like pet-dinosaur-and-stone-underwear-old) it struck quite a chord. By request, penifest09 created a lovely wallpaper. Also, Kristina created some lovely fantastically elvish art featuring Our Faerie Queen. I don’t really have any place for straight fan-art, so I’m afraid you’ll just have […]

Loose Ends

Somehow it doesn’t even bug me that she doesn’t really need glasses. That hair of hers kills me. Other stuff of hers kills me too. New-ish from Barrie Blau. Sorry for the lack of updates. That’s what happens when your work Internet filter starts rating SusanCoffey.net as “R.” New wallpaper from FinalLuis… http://www.susancoffey.net/gallery/index.php?album=wallpapers&image=finalluis_wallpaper10_1200.jpg http://www.susancoffey.net/gallery/index.php?album=wallpapers&image=finalluis_wallpaper11_1200.jpg Thanks […]

Snacking Between the Sheets

Just a little something to curb the hunger until we get some new stuff. This one’s from Susan’s earliest shoot for Between the Sheets Lingerie. I actually got to meet up with Layla and Josh from BTS this week, and believe me, they are two incredibly cool, incredibly inspiring people. Thanks to the both of […]